Alginate Wound Dressing

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Registration No.: 20202141135

Product Highlights:

  • Supreme absorption efficiency, able to absorb exudate 17 to 20 times its own weight
  • Composed of Calcium alginate extracted from natural seaweeds, which accelerates healing by promoting hemostasis and improving fibroblast production
  • Prevents maceration of skin surround the wound
  • Thin and soft, can conform to unusually shaped wounds including wounds with tunneling
  • Comfortable to wear, painless to remove
  • Can be cut according to specific needs

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    • Product details
    • Scope of Application
    • Directions and Precautions
    • Specifications
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    Product details

    The alginate dressing is made with Calcium alginate extracted from natural seaweeds. It is able to efficiently absorb a large quantity of exudate at 17 to 20 times its own weight. This prevents the maceration of skin surrounding a wound. Its chemical composition promotes hemostasis and improves the production of fibroblasts, thus accelerating healing. The dressing is thin and soft and can conform to unusually shaped wounds, including wounds with tunneling. The sheets can also be cut according to the specific needs of the patient. The alginate dressing is comfortable to wear, and is painless to remove due to the formation of a moist gel-like substance when exudate comes into contact with the dressing.

    Scope of Application

    Suitable for I&II grade burns, acute wounds and bruises, and wounds with heavy exudate, chronic wounds, and postoperative wounds.


    Directions and Precautions


    Use a dressing sheet that is appropriately sized to the size of the wound. Take out the dressing, place it flat on the wound, and press to secure it firmly. The dressing should be replaced on a daily basis or otherwise appropriately according to the wound healing situation, but the same dressing should not be used for more than 3 days at most.


    1. If the user experiences adverse reactions during use, such as burning sensations, redness, swelling, etc., stop using immediately and consult a doctor
    2. The dressing should be replaced when it becomes saturated with liquid
    3. This product is sterile. Avoid directly touching the dressing pad
    4. This product comes in a sterile package, and should not be used if the package is damaged
    5. This product is disposable and should not be reused


    Structure and composition:
    Alginate sheet, release paper, and backing



    Sizes and packaging:

    • 10 × 10 cm, 10 pcs/box | 20 box/carton
    • 15 × 15 cm, 10 pcs/box | 20 box/carton

    Product Certifications

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