Wound Closure Device

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Registration No.: 20162640613

Product Use

  • Patented technology for wound closure without the use of traditional invasive sutures
  • Needle-free and incision-free, less pain for patients
  • Allows for bi-directional adjustment to reduce tension exerted on the wound
  • Prevents excessive tissue formation during healing, reduces scarring
  • More efficient in terms of time, labor, and money
  • Can be used in custom configurations for wounds of all shapes and sizes

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Product description

The Bidirectional Reversible Medical Tension-Reducing Skin Closure Device closes wounds without suture, which reduces pain and complexity of operation, as well as avoiding an additional operation to remove the suture.

Non-invasive compared to traditional suture, and distributes pressure evenly across different sections of the wound.

Works to avoid both stitching marks as well as hyperplastic, hypertrophic, and keloid scars.

Sticks to the skin with hypoallergenic 3M medical adhesive pads on both sides of the wound, which have special breathable design that does not irritate the skin, allows for ease of removal, and avoids skin ulcers. The adhesive can be worn continuously for 7 – 14 days.

Designed with polypropylene pull racks and a pawl locking mechanism on each side of the wound, which can be pulled to adjust the exact tension exerted at an accuracy of 1mm per pawl teeth. Can be adjusted in both directions for ease of operation, and to compensate for accidental over-exertion of tension in one direction. Accurate adjustments can reduce over-exertion of tension and excessive tissue formation as a result of excessive pressure.

Time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving, and can be used with only a simple training.

Suture-less design allows for easy discharge of exudate, easy observation, and easy access for treatment. Reduces the risk of infections.

Comes in different sizes and specifications, which be used in combination to fit different shapes of wounds.

Structure Composition

It consists of Polypropylene pull racks, medical tape, and release paper.

Clinical Advantages

  • Anti-tension and anti-scar reduction: first to put forward and realize the concept and technology of anti-tension and anti-scarring closure device
  • Reversible adjustment: bidirectional reversible adjustment for better ease of operation and decrease waste from mistakes during usage
  • Imported 3M adhesive: special medical adhesive for secure placement and minimal skin irritation
  • Easy use: Can be operated with after simple training, and does not affect medication use. Shortens operation time for both patients and care-givers alike.
  • Reduce injury: no secondary trauma, avoids pain during suture removal as well as leaving stitching marks on the skin after healing
  • Versatile : not limited by wound shape and size, widely used in multiple departments
  • Easy access: It is conducive to the discharge of wound exudate, and allows easy observation of wound healing
  • Reduction of tension: reduces continuous tension on the wound, inhibits scar hyperplasia, minimizes scar formation, and allows more beautiful healing


  1. Clean the surface of the wound to ensure that the skin around the wound is clean and dry. The adhesive will not function well if the surface around the wound are not clean.
  2. Arrange the wound skin margin to be as close as possible. The number of closers used depends on the size of the wound.
  3. Take out the closing device, and stick the adhesive tape at both ends to both sides of the wound to make the adhesive tape adhere firmly to the skin. Pull the PP racks on both sides to make tightly close the wound.
  4. Adjust the degree of closure appropriately according to the wound, pull in a reverse direction if the pressure is too much.
  5. Clean the closed wound, and use dressings to cover the outside of the wound to prevent external contamination.
  6. Medical professionals may remove the device 7-15 days later according to the healing situation.



Type F:

  • F3 (Small size): 24 × 10 mm, 3 pcs/box | 20 boxes/carton
  • F3 (Medium size): 27 × 17 mm, 3 pcs/box | 20 boxes/carton

Type L:

  • L6 (Large size): 138 × 30 mm, 1pc/box | 100 boxes/carton

Product Certifications

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