Gyromagnetic treatment instrument

Adapted to
Treating insomnia

Adjuvant treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Product presentation

This equipment is a device that uses the rotating natural constant magnetic field to produce a pulsating magnetic field with stronger penetration force to act on the human body, affecting the quantum motion of human micro particles, changing the size and direction of biological current and magnetic field, so as to achieve the effect of regulating the balance of human magnetic field, promoting human microcirculation and improving sleep disorders. It is often used to assist in the treatment of chronic fatigue synthesis.

Product features

1.It has dual control system: it can be controlled by the operating system on the host of computer monitor.

2.High comfort:select special mattress to make patients more comfortable.

3.Magnetic field size can be adjusted: different rotational speed and steering can be selected according to different conditions of patients.

4.High safety: built-in emergency stop button, can be suspended at any time when patients feel uncomfortable.

5.Easy to get up and get out of bed: one-button switch for bed transfer, so that patients can transfer to the bed easily and quickly

6.Quick effect: Mild insomnia disorder can have significant effect in only 3-5 days.

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