Arm Sleeve Compression Garment

Full arm sleeve, forearm sleeve, upper arm sleeve, full finger glove

Wholesale MOQ: 100 pieces
Incoming Sample Customization MOQ: 50 Pieces for each size
OEM Production MOQ : 50 Pieces for each size

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Arm Sleeve Compression Garment

The Compression Garment use Professional medical fabrics material, which is Comfortable and breathable, High elasticity and durability

Material: 54.5% Nylon, 45.5% Spandex
Color: Beige

Arm Compression Size Reference Table

Size Circumference(cm)
Wrist circumference Elbow circumference Upper arm circumference
SS 12cm-13cm 17cm-22cm 19cm-25cm
S 13cm-15cm 20cm-26cm 22cm-29cm
M 15cm-17cm 23cm-29cm 25cm-32cm
L 17cm-19cm 26cm-32cm 29cm-36cm
XL 19cm-21cm 29cm-35cm 33cm-40cm
XXL 21cm-24cm 32cm-38cm 37cm-44cm

Forearm Compression Pictures

Packing Mathod

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